Textilia offers environmentally friendly and cost-effective textile service solutions for quality conscious customers in the healthcare, hotel, food industry and cleaning facilities in the Nordic region.

During Accent Equity's ownership, Textilia gained New Karolinska Solna as a customer and extended the contract with SLL, while increasing the EBITA margin.
Textile services
Type of investment:
Investment theme:
Accelerated growth, operational enhancement
At the time of the investment, Textilia offered smart, eco-friendly, and cost-effective textile service solutions for quality-conscious customers in the healthcare, hotel, and industry sectors, mainly serving the Nordic region. Textilia owned five laundries, and was one out of two national players in Sweden with the capacity to grasp serve the largest contracts, i.e. the county council contracts.

The company was acquired from the private equity fund Litorina in late 2014, together with the management team. The plan was to provide capital for investments in productivity solutions and textiles to establish large new contacts. Additionally, initiatives included diversification of the customer base and building up the company´s commercial capabilities to capture private sector business.
Key initiatives and results during Accent Equity's ownership
Increased price per unit by focusing on product and service innovations (e.g. within textiles tracking), quality, delivery, sustainability, and changed product mix towards more clothing
Improved productivity due to systematic work, better KPIs and controlling
Won the contract for the hospital New Karolinska Solna, proving Textilia to be the market leader within textile solutions to the healthcare segment
Geographical expansion by acquisitions of two additional laundries
Strengthened key customer relationships which increased sales to existing and new customers as well as decreased dependency on the largest customer SLL
I have appreciated Accent Equity's support and contribution to our successful journey in recent years.
- Fredrik Lagerquist, CEO of Textilia
Accent Equity supported and accelerated Management's operational plan significantly and assisted in the execution of our add-ons strategy - thus contributing well to the continuity and the overall development of Textilia during their ownership period.
- Sören Mellstig, Chairman of Textilia 2014-2017
Exit rationale and process

Textilia demonstrated earnings growth ahead of the initial plan established at entry, and managed to extend the contract with the largest customer, SLL, which presented an opportunity for exit.

Accent Equity received inbound interest from several potential buyers some months before the exit preparations, among them the suitors De Forenede Dampvaskerier ("DFD"), a family-owned leading Danish service company within textile laundry and rental. There was a clear strategic and cultural fit between Textilia and DFD, with ample room for best practice sharing in both commercial and operational areas. DFD was offered a fast track process and bought the company early 2017.