Value creation
Responsible investments with
a "findustrial" approach
Our mission is to provide the funds we advise with investment opportunities in the lower Nordic mid-market. We seek opportunities with a potential for over-par value growth in all three stages of the investment cycle: enter, enhance and exit. We have since long built our team in a "findustrial" manner, combining financial and industrial experiences and competencies.
As advisors, we strongly believe in an active and hands-on management style and are therefore also convinced that strong partnerships with motivated management teams are absolutely essential for successful investments.

Being part of the Nordic investment community, we promote a responsible approach in relation to environmental, social and governance issues in all our activities.
3E Approach
Accent Equity Partners AB has throughout the years developed a model for recommending companies with headquarters in the Nordic region to the funds it advises. The key objective is to add value in one or several stages of the 3E investment process (enter, enhance and exit). The process entails finding companies at attractive valuations by identifying opportunities with limited competition, focusing on enhancing equity value through active ownership and proactively guiding and developing the funds' investments towards exits.
Accent Equity Partners AB seeks investment opportunities at attractive valuations where it is possible to secure the support of company management early in the process, become the vendor's preferred purchaser, identify unique deal premises, identify value shifts in the market and analyse the timing of individual transactions.
Accent Equity Partners AB targets investment opportunities where potential for enhancement and thus value creation in the following areas:
  • Revenue growth – Organic growth through e.g. improved business models focused on targeting new customers, improving pricing strategies or entering new markets. Organic growth may be combined with selective acquisitive growth opportunities where Accent Equity Partners AB will help source, execute and integrate.
  • Operational efficiency – Margin expansion and capital efficiency improvements at all levels of the company's operations. Performance is benchmarked against peers to identify sources of underperformance. Where appropriate, Accent Equity Partners AB will seek to provide tools for improved financial control, implement working capital improvement programs, rationalise product lines, evaluate supply chains and refocus R & D efforts.
  • Strategic position – Refocusing of internal resources, refinement of existing business models, growth enhancement and repositioning of the company in order to create market leadership. Many companies in the mid-market, especially non-core business units of larger companies, have not had the opportunity or incentives to optimise their strategic position.
Accent Equity Partners AB proactively monitors, guides and assists fund investments towards their exits. Full valuations for operational and strategic improvements are obtained via well-prepared, controlled and professional exit processes. The preferred exit routes for the Accent Funds' portfolio companies are trade sales to strategic buyers. Well-positioned and professionally managed companies are often attractive prospects for strategic buyers seeking to grow through acquisitions and secure access to the Nordic market. The exit dynamics in the lower mid-market can generate significant premiums.
Active and hands-on
As advisors to seven funds over a twenty-year period, we have continuously fine-tuned our working procedures. The investors of those funds have committed more than EUR 1 billion since 1994 and the funds have invested in more than 80 companies in the Nordic lower mid-market.

Accent Equity Partners AB has evolved throughout the years, but has stayed true to the basic investment criteria and active and hands-on leadership philosophy. This entails both an active role on the portfolio company boards as well as close and active monitoring of the portfolio companies' performance during the funds' ownership periods.

The working procedures originate in Accent Equity Partners AB's 3E approach. More than 60 portfolio companies have been exited with returns above industry averages for the funds' investors. Please see Investment Cases for additional information. These returns would not have been possible without close partnerships with portfolio companies' management teams as well as with other external advisors and company boards.
Partners with management
Accent Equity Partners AB seeks to create value through dedicated partnerships with portfolio companies' management teams and by targeting strategic and operational improvements. Accent Equity Partners AB assists the portfolio companies with its unique "findustrial" approach based on financial as well as industrial competence.

Funds advised by Accent Equity Partners AB are characterized by a careful approach to investment selection, a drive for excellence and a committed ownership mindset. Other crucial factors are multiple deal sourcing channels, careful analyses thorough due diligence and a clear post acquisition plan.

Setting mutual long-term goals with portfolio company management teams is a critical factor for creating value. This might include actions that require several years to materialise such as strategic add-on acquisitions, aggressive organic growth or establishing international sales organisations. Accent Equity Partners AB provides committed support to portfolio company management teams and encourages a hands-on operational approach to problem solving.

Accent Equity Partners AB's corporate agenda include basic elements to secure competitiveness by reducing complexity, streamlining processes, reducing cost levels and ensuring appropriate financial structures. Growth and development are encouraged by exploiting expansion into new markets, investments in product development and other organic growth initiatives.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Accent Equity Partners AB is an investment advisor to general partners of investment funds focusing on investments in lower mid-market buyout and later-stage expansion capital transactions in the Nordic region. Accent Equity Partners AB strives to support responsible decisions that promote long-term success of businesses, thus contributing to developing a sustainable society.

Accent Equity Partners AB shall conduct its business in a manner that is socially, environmentally and ethically responsible and abide by frameworks of law and regulation applicable in the respective markets in which it operates. As responsible members of the communities in which the funds operate, Accent Equity Partners AB does not tolerate discrimination on grounds of race, gender, religion, color, nationality or disability and attach great importance to health and safety issues.

Acting and advising investments responsibly ensure that the funds advised by Accent Equity Partners AB, their advisors and portfolio companies gain and hold the trust of all stakeholders to their businesses. Such practices are also the best way to promote the long-term success of the companies in which the funds invest.

The Accent Way

Funds advised by Accent Equity Partners AB take several core values and principles into account in their assessment of potential investments and incorporate these in the mission statements and corporate governance practices of their portfolio companies. These core values are based on Accent Equity Partners' Code of Conduct (download here) and Responsible Investment Policy (download here).

Accent Equity Partners AB is a member of Invest Europe and supports, and acts in accordance with, its Code of Conduct, Corporate Governance Guidelines and Governing Principles. Please see here for more information. Moreover, Accent Equity Partners AB complies with other recommendations developed by Venture Capital Associations, such as the Swedish Venture Capital Association (SVCA). Please download SVCA's code of conduct here.


Accent Equity Partners AB supports the United Nations-backed Principles for Responsible Investment and is one of some 1,600 signatories to the Principles.

The Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) Initiative is a partnership between the United Nations and global investors with the goal of promoting and mainstreaming responsible investment practice. Pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign and development funds, investment managers and service providers make up the PRI network.

By becoming a signatory of the PRI initiative, Accent Equity Partners AB has consented to abide by the following six principles:

  • We will recommend that funds advised by us incorporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) issues into their investment analyses and decision-making processes
  • We will recommend that funds advised by us be active owners and incorporate ESG issues into their ownership policies and practices
  • We will recommend that funds advised by us seek appropriate disclosure on ESG issues by the entities in which they invest
  • We will promote acceptance and implementation of the Principles within the investment industry
  • We will work to enhance effectiveness in implementing the Principles
  • We will report on activities and progress towards implementing the Principles
As a signatory to the Principles, Accent Equity Partners AB is committed to report its CSR activities to the UN PRI network. Please press here for Accent Equity Partners' current CSR transparency report.