Accent Equity-owned Inteno Group becomes software partner to BT

May 18, 2020

BT selects iopsys as software partner for development of open-source broadband gateway platform

BT and iopsys software solutions AB announce that iopsysWrt has been selected by BT. This announcement is an important milestone in BT’s journey towards developing their own hardware independent software platform for broadband devices.

iopsysWrt is an open-source enterprise software development platform for CPE and gateway products based on OpenWrt. iopsysWrt provides a full enterprise triple play solution including functions such as Life Cycle Management, EasyMesh, Remote management including USP/TR-369 support. iopsysWrt is based on the best from the open source community combined with knowledge gained from building innovative gateway solutions for more than a decade. Iopsys is a member of the prpl foundation and an active contributor to prpl projects such as prplWrt and the High Level API.

”We are extremely excited to form this partnership with BT. It will allow BT to take control of their broadband services, driving innovation and the delivery of new improved customer experiences. Our vision of how open-source driven development and collaborative efforts can bring much needed transformation to the broadband industry, and matches perfectly with this new strategy by BT.”, says iopsys CEO Joakim Bennerholt.

About iopsys software solutions AB
iopsys is a fully owned subsidiary of Inteno Group AB and has its headquarter with R&D and sales located in Stockholm. iopsys software solutions AB develops and promotes the iopsysWrt software for residential gateways.
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About OpenWrt
The OpenWrt Project is a Linux operating system targeting embedded devices (typically wireless routers). Instead of trying to create a single, static firmware, OpenWrt provides a fully writable filesystem with package management.
OpenWrt is a trademark owned by software in the public interest, Inc.

About prpl
The prpl Foundation enables high-velocity, service-driven innovation on customer-premises equipment by harmonizing interfaces in open APIs and delivering open-source reference implementations of common infrastructure.
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