Accent Equity Partners’ 2020 Together Scholarships awarded

Stockholm, 10 January 2021

Accent Equity Partners has for the nineth consecutive year awarded its Together Scholarship (Swe: Tillsammans-stipendiet).

The Scholarship is awarded to persons or non-profit organizations that have made achievements that bring people together. This includes all good forces who realize the importance of cooperation to create sustainable change within society. Portfolio companies owned by Accent Equity funds nominate the candidates for the Scholarship.

This year’s scholarship recipients are:

  • Muntadher Dakhil: The dentist Muntadher is dedicated to promoting integration through education. By sharing his own experiences, he aims to strengthen young people’s motivation to study and help equip more people for better integration – nominated by Oral Care
  • Aldrig Ensam: Non-profit organization with the purpose to contribute to a more open dialogue on mental illness and to spread information and knowledge to break the silence and taboos - nominated by Hoist Group
  • Handbollsskola för alla: An initiative focusing on children, health, and integration. The purpose of the project is to bring the society together through sports with the long-term objective to reduce social exclusion – nominated byTempcon Group
  • Sverige Walking Football: Non-profit organization with the purpose of increasing the knowledge of Walking Football and to increase the number of active players in Sweden. Walking football aims to keep people aged over 50 participating in a mild form of exercise with the purpose of improving mental health and tackling social isolation– nominated by Tempcon Group
  • Malmö Majblommeförening: Non-profit organization with the mission to decrease the impact of child poverty in Sweden – nominated by Global Leisure Group
  • United People FC: Non-profit sport organization with the purpose to create better life conditions for people in Varberg and overcome exclusion - nominated byBelid Lighting
  • Mind: Non-profit organization working with prevention of mental health conditions - nominated by Blomsterboda
  • Giving People: Non-profit organization dedicated to help children and families in need
  • Trygghetsvärdsbilen Norrort: Youth civic engagement of Gustav Damm. By being presence and visible in the north of Stockholm, Gustav Damm has contributed to increase security for people in the residential area of Norrort.

All recipients are fine examples of strong local initiatives working for better social environment, and it is Accent Equity Partners’ great pleasure to be able to support these associations especially during these challenging times of the pandemic.

Including this year’s recipients, a total of 47 organisations have been awarded Accent Equity Partners’ Together Scholarship.

For additional information:
Niklas Sloutski, CEO Accent Equity Partners, +46 70 300 99 59,
Tommy Torwald, Accent Equity Partners, +46 73 589 01 06,
Caroline Brandt Lilja, Accent Equity Partners, +46 70 271 94 00

2020 Together Scholarship Sustainability