Accent Equity Partners’ 2018 Together Scholarships awarded

Stockholm, 21 December 2018

Accent Equity Partners has for the seventh consecutive year awarded its Together Scholarship (Swe: Tillsammans-stipendiet). This year’s scholarship recipients, who all will receive a sum of money in support of their non-profit activities, are:

  • Alternative Education Club – non-profit organisation in Romania – nominated by Brenderup Group
  • HA74 – ice hockey club in Sävsjö – nominated by San Sac Group
  • Höllvikens Boxningsklubb – boxing club – nominated by TempCon
  • Jontefonden – non-profit organisation – nominated by Blomsterboda
  • Nässjö HF – hand ball club in Nässjö – nominated San Sac Group
  • OV Helsingborg – hand ball club in Helsingborg – nominated by TempCon
  • SK Bore – cross-country skiing club in Torsby – nominated by Brand Factory
  • Staffanstorp United – the football club in Staffanstorp – nominated by Aviator
  • Vallentuna United FC – football club in Vallentuna – nominated by Blomsterboda

The Scholarship is awarded to persons or non-profit organisations that have made achievements that bring people together. This includes all good forces who realise the importance of cooperation to create sustainable change within society, the school system, sports and other non-profit organisations. Portfolio companies owned by Accent Equity funds nominate the candidates for the Scholarship.

All recipients are fine examples of strong local initiatives working for better social environment, and it is Accent Equity Partners’ great pleasure to be able to support these associations.
Including this year’s recipients, a total of 33 organisations have by now been awarded Accent Equity Partners’ Together Scholarship.

For additional information:

Niklas Sloutski, CEO Accent Equity Partners, +46 70 300 99 59

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2018 Together Scholarship Sustainability